Twilight mom

Twilight mom
A mother who is a fan of the "Twilight" series of vampire novels. Also: Twilight mum.
Example Citations:
So, back to the question: What genre is Meyer's Twilight series? It's a paranormal romance for teens and those ubiquitious [sic] Twilight moms who seek a mostly chaste romantic thrill in middle age.
—Doug Gibson, " 'Twilight' and another vampire tale:," Standard-Examiner (Utah), November 20, 2009
"Twilight" clothing, jewelry, accessories and other merchandise have been a mainstay at Hot Topic stores; more can be now be found in exclusive lines at Nordstrom and Kohl's. Even the corner drug store now has candy, trading cards and games. One of the most anticipated toys of the upcoming holiday shopping season: "Twilight" Barbie dolls.
Overkill? Perhaps. But for a "Twilight" mom like Mary Rozler, there is a benefit. "Victoria is now really easy to shop for," she laughs about her daughter.
—Toni Ruberto, " Under the 'Twilight' spell:," Buffalo News, November 15, 2009
Earliest Citation:
Citing Shakespeare and Jane Austen as greater influences than Anne Rice or Stephen King ("I'm too much of a chicken" to read King, she says), Meyer noted that she already has some older readers, "'Twilight' Moms," she calls them.
—Hillel Italie, " Teen star Stephenie Meyer writes adult novel:," Associated Press, April 30, 2008
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On a related subject, I have heard the phrase "Twiguy" or "Twiguys" to refer to men who love Twilight. Great! Thanks, Colm. I also found one citation for "Twilight dad" when I was researching this term.

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